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In November following a shaky rollout that revealed numerous bugs, an abundance of error messages, and shoddy navigation, the Obama administration announced that HP would host instead of Terremark, a subsidiary of Verizon. This transition occurred on March 30 – the day before the program’s period of open enrollment came to a close. This…

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So, you built an amazing app. Then what? After building products that people will love, there are still quite a few steps to getting in the hands of your future customers. David Ban from Foursquare and Matt Collins from Nokia broke down strategies for going to market successfully. Matt is the Global Director of Applications…

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Social Media is changing everything about the way that people communicate about everything. We often discuss how social changes things for business, but how is social changing societal progression through scientific discovery? Get a glimpse of how below, and find out more at Social Media Week February 17-21! Social is changing the way scientific discovery…

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Smartphones have changed our lives so much that it can be difficult to imagine what will come next. But there are times when our smartphones fail us: when we are exercising or when we want to be unplugged, but remain reachable in case of an emergency. Wearable devices are stepping into those places where smartphones are…

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If you are looking to get your feet wet in the world of coding and programming, Social Media Week is the perfect place to start! Beginners need not be intimidated at these classes designed to cover the need-to-know technical skills for marketers and entrepreneurs. Programming For Non-Programmers Even if you are not a programmer, odds are…

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If we can agree on one thing, it’s that we universally hate standing in lines. We want to be where we belong — and we want it now. Planning Social Media Week around the globe, we completely understand this. While QR codes seem to be making waves, lines still persist and require a bit of…

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In May of 2011, Social Media Week decided it was time to make a hosting service change. We were simply unsatisfied with our hosting solution. Frequent outages, slow page loads, and lousy customer service, we unfortunately all too common. Thankfully we were recommended to check out a new startup called ZippyKid, the most reliable WordPress…

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From the team who brought you Social Media Week London comes another pointed enquiry into the ever shifting topography of SM: Chinwag Psych. Interested in the psychology behind social and sharing? Fancy peeling back the layers of the online ego to peer at the inner convictions driving behaviour? We have curated a list of events…

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Positivity continues to sprout out of collaborative efforts. Most recently, seven high profile digital companies joined forces to create, an initiative to bring internet access to everyone in the world. Led by Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg, the partners include Nokia, Samsung, Facebook, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera, and Qualcomm. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of the…

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By now, you’ve heard about Google Glass. But unless you won the lottery, you may not have had the chance to really investigate what it does. Google is attempting to change how we interact with data and the world. The debate rages on whether Google Glass will succeed or is worth the investment, but in…

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