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Social Media Week

Connecting and Managing Miscarriage

Connecting and Managing Miscarriage

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SCIM are working in partnership with the Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) students to get the miscarriage message across to young people and health organisations to enable a better understanding of the subject and connect with communities from all over Scotland and as far away as Australia. Our main aim is to get our message across to as many people as possible in an effort to spark discussion and develop awareness about miscarriage and the various forms of counselling support and information available through social media.

Currently we use twitter and facebook to communicate with clients which enables women to make initial contact with us in a way which is fast and accessible for them. Most importantly we begin to develop a relationship with the women before they come face-to-face for counselling support which is important in terms of client attendance. Therapeutic e-mail exchange is used to connect with women who are unable to attend face-to-face or prefer to connect in this way.

The YPI students hope to get their miscarriage message across to as many young people as possible before it happens to them while making use of the various social media tools to make direct connections with young people and stimulate further discussion. Their plan is to generate awareness through presentation.
Our partnership with YPI has encouraged us to make better use of social media in our approach to conveying information and offering client support. The student’s use of social media is very much a matter of routine for them which sparks our curiosity to further develop our social media techniques.

This event will be an opportunity to show two very different presentations and explain how sharing and collaborating through social media helps us to interact with people, and form partnership connections with health organisations. Overall it’s about the speed and efficiently of social media in assisting us to reach the wider community and staying connected with them.

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