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Cowbird and the Storytelling Life: A Visual Story Workshop

Cowbird and the Storytelling Life: A Visual Story Workshop

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

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Our life story is the greatest story we create. The web has opened new possibilities for personal storytelling and allowed ‘normal’ people to tell their stories and share them outside traditional venues. In the process, we’re collectively creating an archive of life experiences for future generations.

In this talk, Cowbird‘s editorial director, Annie Correal will explore the shift toward personal storytelling on the Web, what works in personal storytelling and what doesn’t, and then guide a storytelling workshop. Participants will break into groups to tell stories on the topic of ‘The Seven Ages of Man.’ Using personal photographs, audio recordings and other materials they will have brought with them, workshop participants will tell stories on the stages of life: infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, parenthood, maturity, old age. This session will include a breathtaking show of one human life told through digital stories, including the participants’ own.

This session will be broken up into three 30-minute sessions: Introduction to Personal Storytelling, Workshop, Presentation. If you plan to participate in the Workshop, please bring a laptop and photo files and mp3 audio files (if you want to include audio) representing different stages in your life.

Cowbird is a community of storytellers and a public library of human experience. On Cowbird, people can create gorgeous diaries of their own lives and search the lives of others for wisdom and beauty — and then connect with them. The storytelling platform, which launched a little over a year ago, now has around 25,000 members from 104 countries, who have told close to 50,000 stories. Cowbird was created by Jonathan Harris and included in Time’s Top 50 Websites of 2012.

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