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Coworking, start-ups and the freelancer rights movement

Coworking, start-ups and the freelancer rights movement

Friday, September 14th, 2012

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Freelancers Unite!

The coworking movement is gaining steam, with over 2000 spaces now open worldwide. We already know that working in a collaborative environment is good for freelancers and startups as it boosts their productivity and increases their networks. But can coworking spaces also help to give freelancers more rights in a working environment where they are increasingly exploited?

Joel Dullroy, co-founder of Deskwanted, will talk about the emerging freelancer rights movement, which is seeking to give independent workers better conditions in dealing with employees and government agencies. Since a huge proportion of the workforce will soon be freelance, finding a way to unite these disparate individuals could have huge social consequences in the future. Coworking spaces can be the physical nodes through which freelancers connect.
Joel is also the international representative of the Verband der Gr√ľnder und Selbst√§ndigen e.V., the German freelancers and founders association.

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