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Crowdfunding your Film

Crowdfunding your Film

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

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Crowdfunding is becoming increasingly popular as a method of raising money to finance filmmaking. It has many benefits but it is not simple. So why not hear from people who have actually done it? Better still ask them some questions and watch their films. This event allows you to explore all of those things with experienced crowdfunder Felipe Bustos Sierra of Debasers Filums who will talk about how crowdfunding has helped him make films like Three-Legged Horses. He will be joined by Katherine Round Producer and Director of The Spirit Level a documentary film based on the book of the same name which recently raised more than £30,000 to fund its production, and BAFTA award winner Amy Hawes Producer and Director of Falling for Fitzgerald.

Following the discussion we will be able to watch the crowdfunded film Falling For Fitzgerald and Felipe’s film Three-Legged Horses

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