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Digital Quicksilver | A BUZZMEDIA Study on Pop Culture and Social Influence

Digital Quicksilver | A BUZZMEDIA Study on Pop Culture and Social Influence

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

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Influence is a social currency connecting those who have knowledge and topical experience with those that seek it. In a fragmented media environment, where millennials consume content and are exposed to marketing messages in a state of “continuous partial attention,” influencers have never been more important.

During this special keynote presentation, digital media company BUZZMEDIA will reveal for the first time the results of a massive study of U.S. millennials focused on the personal dynamics of influence: How influence is created, nurtured, earned and shared via social media. The study focused heavily on the rise of the influencer as a ‘relatable icon’ and the role these dynamic individuals play in a consumer’s day to day life.

Presenting the findings will be pop culture expert Rob McLoughlin, BUZZMEDIA’s SVP of Consumer Insights and former Senior Director of Strategic Insights at Aol. Featured in the discussion will be three of BUZZMEDIA’s Buzzmakers, a curated group of mini-celebrities in fashion, entertainment and music around the world.

Key takeaways for attendees:

  • The Core Drivers Of Consumer Brand Affinity — How can brands unlock the dynamics of affinity to better understand what brands mean to millennial consumers?
  • The Power Of Individual Influencers — How do individual influencers engage consumers in dialogue around brands and drive positive actions?
  • The Core Values That Drive & Sustain Influence – Which do consumers value the most, when forced to choose?
  • Harnessing ‘Digital Quicksilver’ — How can brands sustain and maximize influence over the course of a consumer relationship?

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