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Social Media Week

Empowering Change in the NHS Through Collaboration

Empowering Change in the NHS Through Collaboration

The NHS understands how important your health and the health of your loved ones really is, and feedback from patients, carers and members of the public is vital to improving how healthcare services are planned and delivered. In conjunction with Peach Digital, the Scottish Health Council is pleased to present a unique opportunity to explore how we can use social media to collaborate with the people who use our healthcare system.

Join us on 27th September for an exclusive event where you can learn about social media and collaborative online tools for gathering feedback and enhancing customer service, and what this means for the future of healthcare improvement in Scotland.

Our panel includes representatives from the Scottish Health Council, the NHS, Patient Opinion, Twintangibles and Peach Digital. Join the discussion about:
• How the public can collaborate with NHS boards to improve services
• The pilot of Patient Opinion; a collaborative online tool
• How the NHS is already using social media, and
• What the NHS can learn from social media customer service.

By attending this event you have the opportunity to join the conversation and help shape the continuing dialogue about public involvement in healthcare. Let’s make health social!

This event, at Delta House in Glasgow, begins at 2pm on 27th September, and should last approximately 2 hours. Complimentary refreshments will be available.

This event is expected to fill up quickly, so please register as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

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