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Five Easy Pieces – Item 3

Five Easy Pieces – Item 3

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These lunchtime events look at five items drawn from the extensive Glasgow Museums collections. Each will have significance to collaboration and empowering change through history. Each event will be accompanied by a podcast and will include expert commentary and comment for the Glasgow Museum Curators. You can participate in the debate and comment through the social channels and learn more about how collaboration has brought about change and influenced our collective history.

On Wednesday, curator of Contemporary Art, Sean McGlashan, discusses work by artist, Kate Davis.

“Reversibility (Militant Methods)” 2011 by Kate Davis
Pencil and screen print on paper
135 x 80cm framed and glazed
On display now in Gallery 3

This work is based on a vandalized Militant Methods handbook written for the Suffragette movement. The Militant Methods handbook was stored with other social history items at in Glasgow Museums’ Maryhill stores. The artist was inspired by it and made new work for a solo show she had in the Gallery of Modern Art, with the resulting work being purchased for the collection.

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