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Genreless: Decoding Music Fusion in the Digital Era

Genreless: Decoding Music Fusion in the Digital Era

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

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Small and legendary music publications alike have been struggling to stay true to the genre-specific content that put them on the media map. However, the evolution and rapid pace of change in the music business has made it nearly impossible to deliver one kind of music news. That is to say, the barriers between hip-hop, rock, electronic, R&B, etc. have officially been eviscerated. In order to stay relevant, media outlets must hop on the “Genreless” boat or sink. VIBE MEDIA I ACCESS NETWORK embrace the change and will host a discussion about launching various channels—social media online/apps, creating synergies with artists/managers/labels/concert promoters directly, music event branding—for the new generation of music fans.

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