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Social Media Week

Google Community: Supporting Micro-communities within a broad audience

Google Community: Supporting Micro-communities within a broad audience

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Description: At Social Media Week San Francisco in February, Google’s community team talked about scaling support to our large user base. Collaborating with users helps us have a wide reach, but we’re careful to stay relevant to our micro-communities, too. This time around, we’re delving into how we support our micro-communities while balancing the broader Google audience: through transparency, our super users, and real time, live interactions with our users.

Program Outline

Opening remarks: Matt Bariletti (Google Voice CM) and Jade Wang (Google+ Local CM)

Speaker 1: Louis Gray (Google Developers Live)leads a community of developers who use Google technologies. He presents about using Hangouts and YouTube Live to connect developers with Googlers, other developers, and industry leaders.

Speaker 2:
Melissa Daniels & Jacky Hayward (Chrome OS and Chrome)
work on products based open source both with public issue trackers; they are able to keep users up to date in real time with new features, bug fixes, and updates.

Panel:Some of Google’s community team speak about their various experiences on developing our super user programs, including our Top Contributor program and YouTube content partnerships.


  • Matt (Google Voice)


  • Dan Stormont (Chrome OS) presents about being a Google “super user,” the resources available to Top Contributors, and what he/she does to support his/her community.
  • Jade Wang (Google+ Local) shares about supporting both consumers and business owners in Local.
  • Nikki Pierce (Google+ Local Los Angeles) chats about holding in-person Google and Zagat events for Los Angeles residents.
  • more to be announced soon…


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