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How can we use social media to improve people’s nutrition in Scotland

How can we use social media to improve people’s nutrition in Scotland

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

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Start using social media to learn about improving your nutrition and diet!

START – warming you up

To kick off our social media guru, Hera Hussain will talk about the power of social media and explain what social media has to do with improving people’s nutrition.

Our Professor Mike Lean, lead nutritionist will explain why eating a balanced diet is important for good health.

Our managing director, Donnie Maclean will give an overview of the company Eat Balanced and its aim to make it easier for everyone to eat a balanced diet.

MIDDLE – the juicy bit

Then its time for a bit of brainstorming & thoughtful discussion.  You’ll be split into 4 groups. key topics are:

1) Mums in Control

2) On the go eating

3) Kids school lunches

4) Fitness & motivation

How can we use different social media tools to improve our nutrition around the following:

- Setting Goals
- Research information
- Chat Groups with peers
- Tracking progress
- Helping motivate others

FINISH – pat on the back 

Eat Balanced will provide FREE pizza after the event with a great opportunity for networking!

ENCORE – what we learned on the day

*Post event we will host a twitter chat using the #smwnutrition to share the outcomes from the day.  This will be beneficial for people unable to attend and give them a chance to submit their questions and views.

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