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How to Create a Real Time Innovation Culture and Competitive Advantage Using Feedback

How to Create a Real Time Innovation Culture and Competitive Advantage Using Feedback

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

You’re capable of creating a best in class customer experience and that experience, not old school push marketing, is now the measure of your brand. You desire to rapidly innovate from customer’s feedback to satisfy the customer and continually improve. A constant swarm of customer input is at your doorstep but your organization, whether large or small, is incapable of adapting to it and acts as a constant drag on your valiant efforts to do the right thing for the customer and relevant customer stakeholders.

Specialist filled organizational structures with silos, legacy business processes and rigid and highly political corporate resource allocation methods are preventing you from reaching your future goals. Your boss doesn’t understand you, you don’t have the resources and proper structure to do even a fraction all of the things you need to do and the majority of your brilliant ideas go unimplemented. You work harder and harder, yet you realize it’s going to take much more than your blood, sweat and tears to break down barriers and reach these goals. Frustrated, you often ask yourself, “How can I change this situation?” Step one is to realize that we are living in a time that has not been seen since the Industrial Revolution and that each and each and every one of us plays a role in this highly disruptive and sometimes painful change. However. we move at different speeds.

Wait just a minute, aren’t blogs and social media tools primarily for public relations and old-fashioned push marketing? To take this view is to vastly underutilize their massive power! In this session David Dalka will lead you through a vision of how you can all create nimble, high performance cultures that are hyper responsive to customer input, complaints and constructive criticism using the successful processes that he used at BlackRock during the 80 to 800 person hypergrowth phase at BlackRock in the late 1990’s. BlackRock, like Bloomberg, is an Internet company in disguise. BlackRock is now the largest asset manager in the world and in 2012 had a revenue per employee ratio of $903,000 per employee. Use digital business strategy to create competitive advantage and innovate to create revenue. Motivational business keynote speaker David Dalka will change your views on the world of business. See you there.

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