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Social Media Week

#KittenCamp – memes + music + free beer!

#KittenCamp – memes + music + free beer!

Monday, August 6th, 2012

#KittenCamp’s a meet-up for web-loving, digital type people to chat memes, drink free beer and generally share some kitten love. Join us for a Social Media Week special, with a round up of fun stuff from t’interweb and awesome guest speakers from some of Londons top agencies chatting about their latest digital campaigns!

The format for the evening has 3 parts:

1 – Meme battle - featuring the top memes of the month via a vid-prez curated by Meme Master Meow (tweet suggestions to #KittenCamp) and his opponent, the LOLPuppy
2 – Supa awesome guest speakers - awesome people talking about awesome memery
3 – Drinks and monster-musical-memes-mixer - with FREE beers provided courtesy of the Viral Ad Network (

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