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Marketing to Cyborg

Marketing to Cyborg

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

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In 1965 the word CYBORG was defined as: “A person whose physiological functioning is aided by a mechanical or electronic device.”
Today, with all our smartphones and tablets and connected fridges and what have you, it looks like we all are cyborgs, right?

These things give us superpowers. We can suddenly read languages we never learned, discover skin cancer without going to the doctors and even see although we’re blind.

People always prefer cookies over a pile of dirty laundry. Why that is important? Digital helps people to have more joy and less pain in their lives and that’s why they push the limits. Digital gives them more cookies and helps avoid the laundry. And that is, as philosophical as it is, a very concrete new guideline for marketers. They now have to define the cookies they are able to provide in a relevant, meaningful and credible way. Wow, what a challenge!

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