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Other Ways of Being Social Around the News

Other Ways of Being Social Around the News

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Beyond social link sharing, there are lots of ways conversation happens around the news — in comments and on other platforms like Branch, Reddit and Quora. What are the underlying dynamics of a healthy discussion? How can we better structure and edit conversation on news sites? What can we learn from social when designing comments for our sites?

Moderator: Guardian US Open Editor, Amanda Michel (@amichel)

Participants include:

* Ruth Spencer (@ruths) is the community coordinator at Guardian US. She creates editorial features that encourage discussion and engagement with Guardian content.

* Lauren Bertolini (@MsLaurenRae) is the manager of community development for Gawker Media.

* Laura Conaway (@oleta) lives and works as an old-media/new-media/social-media hybrid. After starting a couple of NPR projects, she now wrangles the Internet and writes segments for the Rachel Maddow Show.

* Elena Haliczer (@EllieSemantic) is Director of Product at The Huffington Post. Formerly, she founded Adaptive Semantics which built JuLiA, a machine learning algorithm that forms the backbone of HuffPost’s community moderation system.

* Libby Brittain (@libbybrittain) is the Director of Development at Branch, a discussion platform trying to make talking online a bit more like talking in the real world.

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