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[SMWLDN Fashion Day] Are You Being Served? Influence, Engagement & Customer Service

[SMWLDN Fashion Day] Are You Being Served? Influence, Engagement & Customer Service

From high street to haute couture, fashion conscious consumers are a demanding crowd and now thanks to social media they have the opportunity to shout about it. And more importantly, who should companies be listening to? Who has real influence?

Is it the obvious: editors, fashion bloggers and trendsetters or are there different tribes? Can new influence tools like PeerIndex, Klout or KRED unlock these groups or is it a case of knowing ‘who to know’? Or does an army of engaged, happy consumers all the influence a brand needs? How does a brand handle customer service when there are so many channels a consumer can use?

Whilst the approaches of a fashion house may differ from a multinational fashion brand, the challenges remain the same: finding the influencers, developing engagement, building loyalty and handling customer service. Come and join leading thinkers to find out more…


Xavier de Lecaros-Aquise, Co-Founder / COO – Chief Operations Officer at Girl Meets Dress.com
@xavdla // Linkedin

Lee Bryant, MD Europe at Dachis Group
@leebryant // Linkedin

Andrew Grill, CEO of KRED
@andrewgrill // Linkedin

Azeem Azhar, Founder & CEO of Peer Index
@azeem // Linkedin

Joshua March, Co-Founder & CEO of Conversocial
@joshuamarch // Linkedin


Kathrn Corrick, Strategic Communications Consultant
@kcorrick // Linkedin

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