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Branded Content: Social Advertising Innovation

Branded Content: Social Advertising Innovation

Monday, August 27th, 2012

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Creative content communications company Inner Ear produce and promote programmes for arts and cultural orgniasations and brands like Dewar’s and Tennent’s. Working on projects for those, and other, brands recently we have learned about innovative initiatives in advertising that pave the way for social media.

This panel discussion explores social media advertising innovation, strategy, tactics and ethics. Hosted by Dougal Perman (Inner Ear/Radio Magnetic), panelists include Greg Kane (Hue And Cry), Peter Sigrist (33 Digital) and more (TBC).

In the spirit of the content of this event, we plan to host the panel discussion as a TV-style talk programme on the sofa. The use of branded content in social media will be a main focus with consideration to the opportunities it presents for brands and what it means for consumers.

The spirit of the event will be lively and informal. Questions and comments welcome.

Here’s an example of the kind of branded content we make (produced for Tennent’s Lager at T in the Park 2012).

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