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Social Media Week

Social Cities & The Local Web

Social Cities & The Local Web

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The mobile, social web is rapidly changing the way we communicate, collaborate and engage in commerce with the greater world. Meanwhile, a similar shift is happening on a local level (albeit more slowly) as new technologies are making it easier to connect with your city, town or neighborhood. As this movement grows, it has the potential to transform the economic and social landscape of our communities. To that point, this year’s TED prize was awarded to the idea of “City 2.0″ to acknowledge the tremendous potential that these dense settlements have in a more connected world. Social media will soon serve as an operating system for local life and act as a foundation for our a more connected, collaborative, resourceful society.

What amazing things might be possible when whole towns or cities come together in one place to engage in local commerce and networking? Join us as we discuss some of these exciting possibilities and explore how the web will transform the way we interact with the resources, information and people directly around us. This event will be comprised of a 20-min intro talk followed by a panel discussion.

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