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Social Gaming: Helping Cure Cancer and Other Benefits of Play

Social Gaming: Helping Cure Cancer and Other Benefits of Play

April 2012: a three page brief to engage citizen scientists in the fight to cure cancer sparks a revolution with social gaming at its heart. Fast-forward to October 2012 and Cancer Research UK launches Cell Slider, a game that lets average Joe and Joanne’s play their part in analyse archived cancer tissue samples. Built with a range of partners, the game leverages social platforms and play to generate medical analysis at a professional level.

Cancer Research UK’s Citizen Science Lead, Amy Carton introduces the session with a case study of the project that launched Cell Slider with insight into how and why play has created a huge community of Citizen Scientists.

Joined by an expert panel, we’ll explore the possibilities that social gaming provides to engage large communities, the benefits of play and how a competitive instinct against one-another or a common cause can be harnessed.

This session will be useful for marketers, community managers and anyone looking at the opportunities that social gaming provides for their company, organisation or brand.

Chaired by CEO of the UK Interactive Entertainment association, Dr Jo Twist, the session will also feature presentations from:

Kam Star, Chief Play Officer at PlayGen and Founder of Digital Shoreditch

Jude Ower, Founder and CEO of PlayMob

as well as plenty of time for a Q&A with the speakers.


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