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Social Media ROI: Cracking the Code through Collaboration

Social Media ROI: Cracking the Code through Collaboration

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

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Due to unforeseen circumstances Brightfire can no longer run this event. The speakers apologise for any inconvenience and plan to run this event at a later date to be confirmed!

Social media has transformed the dialogue between business and consumers but it is also making companies re-evaluate their traditional organisational structures.

As social media users increasingly demand relevant and engaging brand content, and ignore “push” messages delivered by traditional advertising, businesses should seek to infuse the social media principles of openness, transparency and inclusivity into their internal processes to meet the challenges of the digital age.

This could be the key to cracking the tough nut that is social media ROI – through encouraging collaboration and embracing an integrated inbound approach, companies can more easily identify the right metrics, the right content and the right channels of social media interaction.

This session will deal with internal and external collaboration as a way to successfully measure the impact of business social media efforts on the bottom line, while empowering and benefiting both an organisation’s team and its online community.

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