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Social Media Week

Social Media Week – The Social Game

Social Media Week – The Social Game

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

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The Social Game is an iPhone game specifically designed for those taking part in Social Media Week.

The game enables participants to use social media to help drive face to face networking, and potentially win a prize by unlocking the safe. The app is free to download, and a prize of a Segway Safari around Loch Lomond is on offer for the 8 winners.

How to play

Downloading the app will give you the first piece of an 8-part code. Your aim is to collect the other 7 pieces of code to unlock the vault and ‘stop the clock’. Collect codes by meeting up with other participants and sharing your code with them in exchange for theirs. The app has its own geolocation facility enabling you to see other participants who are nearby and Tweet them to arrange a location to meet up.

Get Started

Simply download the game from the Appstore to take part (link coming soon).


You’ll need to have an iPhone/iPad running IOS5 and a Twitter account to take part.


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Visit for more information and The Social Game Leaderboards!

Mobile App Developent by ICMobileLab

Prizes by CanYouExperience


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