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Social Media Week

Social Outreach – What’s in it for me?

Social Outreach – What’s in it for me?

Monday, September 17th, 2012

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Ever wonder how successful blogger-brand partnerships really work? Most of us know that returning results is a lot more complex than sending a few mass emails…and those who don’t soon find out when the irritated blogger (quite rightly) tweets about it.

There’s a lot on offer for brands – but at a time when bloggers and their readers are savvy to sponsorships, there really is no comeback from a bad first impression.

So let’s discuss the blogger-brand relationships that work; rewarding bloggers properly, gaining a brand’s visibility in an engaged community and providing a truly helpful, interesting or valuable read for the readers.

For brands there will be insights on forming relationships. For bloggers there will be discussion on choosing partnerships that make sense for your audience. But everyone will be able to take away an insight on making things worthwhile for both parties…and most importantly, the blog readers!

Please join me in the Citizen M for an informed chat on what does and doesn’t work when it comes to blogger outreach – I promise an engaging, informed and entertaining session and will be open to questions from all… so be nice!

Just as with any Social Media Week event, this is NOT about me selling to you – it’s about an open sharing of knowledge.

Your speaker for the day is:

Fiona Dow -  I am the lead PR and social media specialist in Equator’s marketing team and have worked in the industry for over two years. In my role at Equator I am responsible for creating and developing effective social media strategy – including a number of successful blogger outreach, content development and community management programmes. With a background in journalism I have a particular interest in the power social media has to share great content far beyond the original source. I blog on and tweet at @fiona_equator

I look forward to welcoming you to the talk and taking your questions!

Lovely CitizenM refreshments will be available

Can’t make it along? Join us on the Livestream for this talk

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The sales bit…

Equator is a full service digital agency, specialising in design and development of websites and comprehensive digital marketing including search engine optimisation, paid search, affiliate marketing, social media and much more. We focus on coordinating all online channels. Everything we do is completely accountable to targets so that you can sleep soundly at night, knowing exactly what you’re getting for your digital marketing buck.






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