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Social Media Week

Socialising the Internet of Things

Socialising the Internet of Things

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

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Take part in a social experiment as we explore how everyday objects can be connected, responsive and smart. We look at the power of these objects to socialise our lives with a distinguished panel of speakers from the Science Museum, University of Dundee and the BBC. And we’ll wash down the results with a cold beer.

More information on our speakers:

Dr Jon Rogers is course director of Product Design at the University of Dundee, specialising in the design of digital products (products that have digital electronics in them). He works closely with technology industries (e.g. Microsoft and NCR). In a recent Guardian Technology Weekly podcast, he described the work that he does as designing verbs rather than nouns – in other words, he designs things that do things.

Mark Coyle is one of  the BBC’s most experienced digital production leaders across editorial strategy, development, design and delivery of high-profile, multi-platform projects. As Online Editor, BBC London 2012, he most recently helped to deliver the biggest sporting event these shores have seen from interactive torch relay to 24 concurrent live sport streams.

Dave Patten is the Head of New Media at the Science Museum, responsible for the team that develops and commisions all public facing IT and AV in the Science Museum. This includes all of the interactive exhibits and website. Most recently he delivered the WebLab with Google Chrome.


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