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Social Media Week

Star Wars, Lego and Cats!  – Learn how to make a unique viral that gets people sharing (AND WIN STUFF!)

Star Wars, Lego and Cats! – Learn how to make a unique viral that gets people sharing (AND WIN STUFF!)


To say something has “gone viral” usually means that a piece of content has been well received and widely shared. For many content creators online, going viral is a major goal. The truth is that the vast majority of content, even awesome content, will never enjoy widespread attention. By understanding some of the key components of what makes something viral you could learn what every ad agency is trying to crack.

Viral marketing is a must right now because it goes above and beyond cost. By tapping into the” network effect” a marketer can gain far more value than cost. That’s because while cost is still a constant, value grows exponentially based on the number of people whom the viral touches. This workshop will showcase virals that have truly gone global and, importantly, explain the why…


I will outline the 5 key elements every viral should have and also send you off to make your own using these rules. After 24 hour there will be an opportunity to show your finished viral and get feedback also the videos will be uploaded on the equator YouTube page and a the viral with the most views will win a prize.

Let’s hope you can beat the YouTube average of 20 views!

I promise an interesting, informed and engaging session and will be open to questions from all.

Just as with any Social Media Week event, this is NOT about me selling to you – it’s about an open sharing of knowledge.

Your speaker for the day is:

Stephen Noble – Equator’s creative and innovative Art Director. Prior to joining the Equator team, Stephen worked in Milan at RBA and BBH in London. For the last 6 years he has constantly been hunting and discovering new trends and always asking how we can do things better. He tries to practise edge theory on every brief he is given. As well as having a passion for advertising he also enjoys dabbling in product design and magic. On Twitter – @stephenoble and @equatoragency and especially on Pinterest also as stephenoble

I look forward to welcoming you to the talk and taking your questions!

Lovely CitizenM refreshments will be available

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> Star Wars, Lego and Cats!  – Learn how to make a unique viral that gets people sharing (AND WIN STUFF!)

The sales bit…

Equator is a full service digital agency, specialising in design and development of websites and comprehensive digital marketing including search engine optimisation, paid search, affiliate marketing, social media and much more. We focus on coordinating all online channels. Everything we do is completely accountable to targets so that you can sleep soundly at night, knowing exactly what you’re getting for your digital marketing buck.





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