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StartuPizza – Pitch your idea at Berlin’s longest Pizza table!

StartuPizza – Pitch your idea at Berlin’s longest Pizza table!

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—To register for this event you must write to: team@ploonge.com

All creatives and startup scenesters are welcome to join the longest pizza table in Berlin!
Every participant will have the chance to pitch a totally inventive and crazy idea in 30sec. The participants
will then vote the craziest idea. The winner will receive the meal offered by Ploonge.
It will be a great way to meet like-minded people and participate to the longest pizza table Berlin has ever seen!:)
We are waiting for all of you for the 26th of September!
All the details coming soon on www.ploonge.com and write us at: team@ploonge.com to book your seat in advance.


Ploonge is the social network to meet new people in the real life at socio-culinary events.
We launched our beta at the end of May during the Milano Food Week in Milan.
We closed our first seed investment from Berrier Capital VC at the end of July in Milan.
During August we moved to Berlin to launch the project also in this great city.
We are now looking for people interested to help us develop Ploonge in Berlin so if you are the right
one to take this challenge send us your CV at team@ploonge.com

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