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Social Media Week

Switching Off – Mindfulness and Social Media

Switching Off – Mindfulness and Social Media

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

This workshop will look at mindful approaches to cultivating a healthy relationship with technology and social media.  Switching off isn’t about avoiding technology or refusing to participate, it is about using social media in a way that fosters wellbeing and minimises anxiety. We will use a blend of discussion, creative exercises and mindfulness techniques to explore when and how to switch off and how to manage  things like “no signal” anxiety, exploring what is approporate to share/post (and what isn’t!), how to self-moderate,  how not be too bothered  if nobody “likes” your posts and how to productively and creatively engage with social media for personal and professional wellbeing.  Hopefully there will be a bit of laughter along the way. Come prepared to share your own experiences. Bring your device(s) please for an interactive exercise!

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