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The Cause Economy

The Cause Economy

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

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The cause economy –

Throughout history governments have defined organizations in the public good. Technology has changed that. Public interest organizations are no longer the sole province of 501c3 in the United States or NGO’s throughout the world. While government-recognized organizations still play a vital role in the sector, the Internet has allowed other social innovators to augment their work and join an emerging Cause Economy. In this paradigm, stories are currency for important causes – the sticking point which compels donors and drives decisions.

The Cause Economy, layered with rich stories and donor engagement, is the next decade of consumer experience. Employing a one-for-one model benefiting kids in need, TOMS is a prime example of rising conscious capitalism. This model will become ubiquitous. Values graphs depicting aggregated donations incentivize corporations to engage consumers in the Cause Economy – making this the default consumer experience.

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