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Social Media Week

Truth. And Trust. Why What You Do Matters in Social Media

Truth. And Trust. Why What You Do Matters in Social Media

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Like Minds at Social Media Week is a whole series of events across the week. For a full list of our Social Media Week events and to register go here.


Truth. And Trust. Why What You Do Matters in Social Media

Is it still possible to “fake it” before you “make it”? And is it possible to hide? Strong evidence suggests that if you do, not only will you be found out, but the chances are you will be very quickly vilified in public, irrespective of the veracity of what it is that you are trying to fake or hide.

In what has become known as the “Streisand effect”, more businesses are discovering that it in trying to play down, or hide, something that they don’t wish to be discussed in public, they not only draw attention to it, but in just about every single case they exacerbate attention well beyond its original audience until it becomes a much bigger issue over how they deal with the truth of the matter, and whether they can be trusted on it.

In this talk and panel session we will explore the rise in importance of truth and trust in social media, why it pays to take a more open and transparent approach to how we do business, how this is shaping the way we approach both our personal and professional lives, whether demonstrating it is now as important as having it, and the sometimes restricting effects this can have on how businesses and individuals conduct themselves.

“Like Minds is an intellectual playground where thinkers, strategists, agents provocateurs, innovators, challengers and mavericks can open up, share ideas and be inspired in a warm, welcoming and world-wide environment. If you haven’t been, go. You’ll see the future there; most likely, yours.”

- Robert Bean, Founder, The Robert Bean Branding Company

Attendees are encouraged to actively participate in this event. You can follow and contribute to the debate on Twitter using the #LikeMinds hashtag.

Registration will start at 08:30. This event will start at 9:00am and finish at 10:30am

Special Like Minds Social Media Week bonus – “Social Membership” of Adam Street Private Members Club

Your registration for any of our Like Minds events during Social Media Week will also include automatic Social Membership (after 6pm) of the exclusive Adam Street Private Members Club for the entire week – including Saturday September 29th. You can also invite up to 3 of your own guests each time you visit.


Registration is £20.00 +VAT

Venue: Adam Street Private Members Club, 9 Adam Street, The Strand, London, WC2N 6AA

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