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Social Media Week

Using social to grow from a basement to worldwide success

Using social to grow from a basement to worldwide success

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Do you also dream of rapid growth driven by social media, at no cost?
Many businesses and startups do so. Yet, many don’t have concrete plans on what it means to have social at the core of growth.

At the same time, companies struggle to optimize internal processes for rapid growth. Email overload, unstructured work processes, and a plethora of isolated unsocial tools – while the unused intranet wiki collects dust.

Hear from Podio co-founder Jon Froda the learnings of the Podio success story. Founded in a basement in Copenhagen in 2009, Podio has transformed the way teams work in over 170 countries – one of the reasons Podio was acquired by US tech giant Citrix last April.

A panel of leading social adopters of companies like DeliveryHero, Plinga, will then discuss with your input and questions how to put social to work.

What’s your unique story that will spread like a wildfire?
How do you engage and grow a worldwide fan-base and community?
How do you embrace social media in your organization to enable rapid growth?
How do you attract customers via social media and collaborate with them?
How do you bridge offline – online with the people and real relations at the core?

Who should attend?
Social media enthusiasts
Smart Marketers
Entrepreneurs and startup people
Anyone who thinks there must be a better way to work than email!

Participate to make social your competitive advantage.

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