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Social Media Week

What the ‘Social Media Hype Cycle’ Means for Brands

What the ‘Social Media Hype Cycle’ Means for Brands

This panel will examine how and why the “Social Media Hype Cycle” impacts brands and the implications it has for the future of social media marketing, social commerce and social advertising. Experts from sister agencies Ryan Partnership and MediaWhiz, part of the Hyper Marketing Inc. network, along with their clients, will provide insight into how the hype surrounding Facebook’s IPO marked the “peak of inflated expectations” for social media, thus creating a destructive hype bubble for the social media marketing ecosystem. Panelists will explore how this hype bubble has shifted social media marketing into a “slope of enlightenment” and the opportunity that offers marketers to better tailor and segment their social media campaigns. Lastly, panelists will use the hype cycle model to demystify social media marketing and explain what is needed to deliver true measurable value to brands.

Moderator: Steve Goldner (@SocialSteve), Senior Director, Social Media, MediaWhiz and Ryan Partnership
Panelists: Michael Velasco (@MichaelVelasco), Managing Director, Digital, Ryan Partnership
Keith Trivitt (@KeithTrivitt), Director, Marketing and Communications, MediaWhiz

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