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Social Media Week

Your community is more than a tool

Your community is more than a tool

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

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Just a few years ago, most consumers logged on to the Internet to check their email, search
the Web and do some online shopping. Company websites functioned as vehicles for
corporate communication, product promotion, customer service, and in some cases,
e-commerce. Relatively few people were members of online communities; social networking
sites were only for college students and chief marketing officers did not worry about how many online
fans “liked” their company’s products.

While social technologies have swept through the popular culture and are being adopted
across industries, we find that businesses have only just begun to understand how to
create value with these new tools. In 2003 SAP Developer Network got started to help SAP
customers & partners to learn about the new generation of Java-based core technology.
SDN grew step by step to SAP Community Network with 3 million members today and has
become a substantial part in many businesses and processes.

Michael Schwandt will show you how SAP has started to use communities and explain how to weave
social media into daily tasks and processes. He will talk you through all the initial steps and potential pitfalls of
starting such a new community –  from the fight for critical mass due to the required change in
culture & communication to global aspects, like the risk of falling in love with the huge numbers.

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