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Blogging live events is an excellent way to earn more readership and create immediate results for your personal or business blog. There is something dynamic and interesting about following an event as it is experienced live, even if readers only catch the story a few days later. For professional blogs, events like trade shows and…

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This post was written by Vivian Nunez. On the last day of Social Media Week NYC, the session held on the Change Stage took on the task of deciphering the lives of networked teens. The panel was aptly called It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens after danah boyd’s book. The discussion centered on…

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Social Media Week

This post was written by Vivian Nunez. In the era of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, mentoring is considered one essential key to success. Whether you’re starting your own business or trying to navigate your way through a corporation, there are certain key people you’re looking to for advice. Social Media Week New York gave the audience…

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This post was written by Vivian Nunez. If there’s one thing fandoms have proven, it’s that the hashtag can bring together a community. Think celebrity fans (#Beliebers and #Directioners) and major events (#Scandal & #Grammys). But, as Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake proved, there are a couple key ways you can turn the potential of hashtag…

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What happens when you get entrepreneurs looking ahead 10 years? You start thinking about the change that a business can invoke. And that’s powerful. That’s just what Yoxi did this Social Media Week New York. Yoxi was founded by Sharon Chang, former Chief Creative Officer for 19 Entertainment (the company behind hits like American Idol)….

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This post was written by Vivian Nunez. A panel of top leaders in the communication field sat down on the Is Social Killing Storytelling panel to talk about how social media has changed the landscape of distributing stories, but not storytelling at its essence. This is an especially relevant conversation when our Twitter feed curates so…

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Every year, the Social Media Week team at Crowdcentric follow up the success of our February conference with a little trip in March down to Texas for the annual SXSW Interactive conference, where we eat BBQ, take in the sun, and connect with many of the folks in our global SMW network. It’s a normal…

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What happens when you host more than 900 events in eight cities? You get one incredible week that was Social Media Week. Each year, we love seeing what our communities pull together to reveal how technology is meeting humanity in their culture. More than 25,000 of you joined us physically to experience SMW14 this February…

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This post was written by Winston La. Once upon a time, marketers sought mediums, such as radios, billboards. and T.V. commercials, to promote businesses. Then, came e-mail, and shortly after, Facebook. Now, we have Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. As we progress into the future, social media becomes ever more important to marketers because it brings…

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Breaking Through the Noise

This post was written by Zainab Oni. Journalist? Here’s some advice that was dished out during SMW NYC from Sarah Russo, an independent literary publicist and publishing communications strategist, and Rich Kelley, VP of “Your Expert Nation,” who has been marketing books to specialized audiences for more than 20 years. They introduced the five basic questions…

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