As fans of the movie Talladega Nights would know, stock car racing in the United States has its origins in bootlegging during Prohibition, when drivers ran bootleg whiskey made primarily in the Appalachian region of the United States. Bootleggers needed to distribute their illicit products, and they typically used small, fast vehicles to better evade…

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Last week the tech and online world was shocked by the death of Steve Jobs. Online communities took to sharing their favorite memories and left many wondering if we’d ever see such ingenuity and charisma again. From his death and tribute to recent studies tracking our use of social media and the upcoming elections in…

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by, Jed Singer As they say, a picture is worth a thousand tweets; therefore, videos are exponentially more effective in conveying your message. Videos are more engaging; videos offer more context; videos are highly shareable/viral (e.g. “you have to see this clip of the cat falling off the sofa!” etc.). That said, how do brands…

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