We’ve long been advocates of our partner, Nokia. So, today, when we heard that both top apps, Instagram and Waze, are NOW available for Windows users, we got excited. Many of our staff are Nokia users. So, once these popular apps became available, we started downloading them immediately. With more than 150 million users around…

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I’m one of those people who wants everything completely organized, at all times. This goes for the fridge, my room, even my computer. That’s why when I have about 13 tabs open on my Web browser, I get stressed and admit to feeling a little anxious. Call me crazy, I already know this. To solve…

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This Social Media Week February, our New York team had the pleasure of working with Offerpop, a fan-marketing platform for Facebook and Twitter. Thousands of companies use Offerpop to run promotions, sweepstakes and fan engagement programs – launching campaigns in minutes and tracking performance in real-time. Mark has previously shared with us his research on…

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  Happy New Year! Everyday Santas were sure busy handing out gift cards this holiday season. According to reports, approximately 64% of consumers prefer to give them and why not? It is a convenient way to satisfy friends, family and colleagues. They can choose what they want, when they want. Lucky me. An assortment of…

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Mobile and social media are nearly synonymous these days. Social media is powerful and interesting because mobile lets people engage in real-time. So, we asked the man behind our mobile site to tell us which events he’d recommend this SMW12. Todd Shingler of Mobile Perspectives came back with these. Registration is first-come, first-served. Make sure you register today- and given the…

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  Brought to you by MWW GROUP   Earlier this month, two mobile apps have pushed UI (user interface) design to a whole new level on the iPhone. Those apps– Path and Flipboard. If you’re not familiar with Path, it bills itself as “the smart journal that helps you share your life with the ones…

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Fashion is personal and something we often share with friends. As someone who loves fashion and has a passion for mobile apps and social media, it only made sense that this post be about fashion and style apps. Below is a list of some of the free apps any fashion-conscious person should have on their…

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