This post was written by Winston La. I have been to my fair share of sessions during this Social Media Week New York, but in my honest opinion Tap That App: Get Turned On by Mobile Innovation, hosted by MKG, was by far the best. Where else would you find music and an endless flow…

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Emerging NYC street artist WhIsBe has teamed up with Social Media Week to visually explore this year’s theme, “The Future of Now: Always on, Always Connected.” We challenged him to interpret what our shifting relationship to technology looks like from his perspective, armed with the question: are we too connected or not connected enough? WhIsBe’s…

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Crowdfunding has made it easier than ever for people to pursue their own creative ideas and is an incredibly relevant part of our global lineup at SMW.  Learn how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign and the ways that crowdfunding is disrupting new markets. Bangalore: Crowd Fund Your Idea One of the beauties of crowdfunding…

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Its no secret that social media is changing the ways that all parts of society connect and interact, but what does this mean for the future of the arts? Experts around the world are exploring this very question at Social Media Week this February. From music to fine art to literature, join the global conversation…

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This metropolitan can fly under the radar, but Hamburg remains a major transport hub and is one of the most affluent cities in Europe. Fast Company even honored the city as One of the Smartest Cities in Europe. Hamburg also was awarded the European Green Capital designation in 2011, and consistently ranks globally as one…

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A few topics in Tuesday’s events focused on using social media to draw out unlikely fan engagement through inclusive or exclusive content. For instance #SMWCreativity in Chicago discussed the boom of visually based platforms such as Instagram and their effect on the creative and artistic world. With everyone being creator of content, what sets social apart…

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“My relationship with social media started as a “coup de foudre”* – one day I realized its amazing power and beauty and became a true believer!” Paula Susaeta (*coup de foudre – from French, love from first site) Paula Susaeta is the head of the web and social media department at Fundación MAPFRE‘s Instituto de…

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Justus Bruns

“I live my life realizing ideas in order to make people think.” He is Justus Bruns. He is half Dutch, half German. Born and raised in Belgium, he is now based in NYC and he stays behind the Times Square Art Square project- an ambitious endeavour to replace ads with art on the most famous…

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I don’t know how often you can see heads and senior curators of The Met, Guggenheim, MoMA, Louvre Paris and Abu Dhabi, The British Museum and even the newly open Mathaf (a real gem in the modern art museums family) together on one stage, but at CTM this is the norm. But you may not…

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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia – reflection in a car window, photo by Johan van Elk Similarly to the book by Allan and Barbara Pease “Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t read Maps,” I could have entitled this article “Why Museums Don’t Have Buildings Anymore and Why Architects Don’t Just Design Them.” However, What’s…

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