This is a guest post by Stephane Lagrange, CMO RevSquare. For more on content marketing, check out these events during SMW14. Content marketing has been building up a muscle that now displays how much engagement and reach a brand can get with non-promotional or non-advertising content. Through the constant efforts from educators such as the…

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This is a guest post from HotelClub by Ally Biring. If you’ve ever wanted to become a travel writer, you’ve probably wondered about the tools and resources the pros use to make their jobs possible. The trade secrets of those who successfully turn international adventures into paychecks are an enticing mystery. Does the key lie…

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Last week was a busy week- with the AT&T merger taking the limelight, Pay a Blogger Day and Black Friday in the US taking the lead in headlines. We’ve compiled it all for you, with even a little bit of fun. Let us know which stories impacted you most:   People & Society Talking about…

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