As a parent or foster parent, it’s your job to keep your kids safe when they operate on social media. While it might seem harmless to allow your older kids to create Facebook Profiles and Instagram accounts, it’s only as safe as you make it. There are, unfortunately, questionable people that may surface on any…

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How do children communicate? That was a topic of discussion this week, as experts on adolescent communication gave presentations and answered audience questions about social media use for youngsters. Here are some of the highlights: Children are spending more time indoors today, which increases their likelihood to use social networking sites and play video games….

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In 1998, Congress enacted the Children’s Privacy Protection Act, limiting the ability of websites to collect personal information on children younger than 13 without parental consent. Hence, why you can only sign up for a social networking account if you’re older than 13 now and must verify your age for online forms. However, over the…

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