Nokia is an example of a brand that does a great job of really connecting with their community, which is part of why we love partnering with them every year. From bloggers analyzing the latest Lumia and apps, photographers or freelancers capturing their newest moves, Nokia users are passionate about it. Recently, Nokia’s Global Head…

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Email has become the default communication mode for most businesses. It’s convenient; it’s cost-effective; and it’s far less intrusive than phone or face-to face conversations. But to maximize your productivity, it’s important to make data-driven marketing communication decisions. According to research firm The Radicati Group, Inc., in 2013 there were: + 929 million business email…

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The 2012 Communicating the Museum Conference is starting in 3 days (28 June), but some of the speakers are already around (can’t blame them – NYC is gorgeous). I managed to talk with one of them, Jackson Pellow, from the Australian National Maritime Museum. We talked about how to conquer the international museum audiences with quirky videos. Find out…

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  The question of whether Twitter is narrowing the worldview of those who utilize it as their primary news source is one that we hear echoed in tech articles, coffee bars and the like. I for one have given the topic much thought as I find Twitter to be absolutely fascinating in innumerable ways. I…

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