Do consumers really have an Attention Deficit Disorder? No. According to Christina Bennett, PR Manager for Elizabeth Arden, consumers are just selective. “Consumers don’t really have ADD because once you have their attention, it’s yours,” said Ms. Bennett. Therefore, the real challenge is creating content that gets the attention of consumers who are constantly being…

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I recently published a piece listing my predictions for social media in 2014. But the real question is, what will it look like still further in the future? Like, in 2020? Jeff Dachis, Teressa Iezzi, and I will be leading a discussion on this topic during SMW NYC on February 19 at 10am EST. For…

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What if I told you that each time someone shares a product, a business makes $2.04? Or that mobile accounts for 15-20% of eBay’s purchases? How we shop is drastically changing; which means the retail industry is drastically changing. With mobile use increasing and the advent of contact-less payment options for stores, it’s an exciting…

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As we close out 2012, there is a general expectation that many global businesses will have some social presence- a Twitter account, online chat features, a Facebook account, etc. In fact, Fortune Global 100 companies are mentioned 10,400,132 times online a month. The conversation is online. But with the rapid nature of social media, how…

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Marketing today must account not only for the demographics of the average consumer being targeted but also how they behave online. Our online interactions with and about brands influence our purchases. Last week, Beyond, our city organizers in San Francisco for Social Media Week February, hosted a Science of Sharing event, in which they unveiled…

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