What better way to learn new techniques or get valuable advice than to ask someone with first-hand experience? American Express OPEN Forum is an advice-sharing platform built for entrepreneurs. The focus is on unlocking the collective knowledge of entrepreneurs and growth-minded business owners by creating a community where they can come together and share their…

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In late July, New York-based Crowdcentric and Crowdfunder, partnered with American Express OPEN Forum and Nokia@Work to gather together the leading experts and thinkers around crowdfunding to discuss the latest rulings and share visions for the future of the industry. In its fourth iteration, CROWDFUNDx brought together crowdfunding pioneers like Chance Barnett, Sherwood Neiss, and…

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Keynote David S Rose, Investment and the Social Web_9306849629_m

Hailed as a “world conquering entrepreneur,” David is a technology pioneer, investor and founder of over 75 revolutionary companies, pivotal in propelling technology and social media to the next level. During his keynote “Investment & The Social Web” at CROWDFUNDx, Rose echoed crowdfunding’s expanding clout, calling it a “game changer of extraordinary power.” As a staunch…

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This post is co-authored by Jackie Davalos and Jeff Dobrinsky. With CROWDFUNDx NYC in the background and a great perspective of what the future looks like, we wanted to give you a glimpse at the short history of how it has evolved. Starting in 1976, here’s all you need to know about the brief history…

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Yesterday was the culmination of all of our efforts for CROWDFUNDx NYC. Our team partnered with Crowdfunder, American Express OPEN Forum and Nokia@Work to help New York’s entrepreneurial and small business community understand the role of crowdfunding and how it can support business growth and job creation. The day was more than we could have…

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Next on the agenda at our CROWDFUNDx NYC event, presented by American Express OPEN Forum & Nokia@Work? Why Businesses Need A Crowd. Josh Abramson, Co-Founder of Vimeo and College Humor, and now Busted Tees / Tee Public, joined Toby Daniels on stage to start off the conversation of “Why Businesses Need A Crowd.” Josh spoke…

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Heading into the second half of CROWDFUNDx NYC, presented by American Express OPEN Forum and Nokia@Work, the focus shifted to entrepreneurism and how to be better equipped. The Art of the Pitch forum began with some great insight from moderator Chance Barnett. Chance set the tone for the forum by saying, “In communicating with investors…

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The verdict is in. With the SEC’s final ruling, startups along with venture capital funds, private equity funds and hedge funds will be able to solicit their stocks and investment products via, social media, TV and radio to a greater audience. In our first conversation at CROWDFUNDx NYC, Chance Barnett of Crowdfunder engages Sherwood Neiss of…

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On July 17, Crowdcentric, the organization behind Social Media Week, will host CROWDFUNDx NYC with the aim of providing entrepreneurs & small business owners the tools and resources to help their companies. The day will also provide the opportunity to discuss how crowdfunding can become an essential tool to help business growth. We are pleased…

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This is a guest blog post by Nokia@Work. Download their free ebook on Designing Your Day here, and join us in welcoming them during CROWDFUNDx NYC. Brilliant minds and the thousands of hours of their thinking have been invested in designing the world we live and work in – the devices we use, the chairs…

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