This post was written by Winston La Who doesn’t love data? Apparently, everyone. I had hopes of attending the “Data-Driven MasterClass,” but due to popular demand, I opted for “Get Loud: Six Rules of Disruption.” And I learned a lot. How do brands get closer to their fans and consumers? Get ready to get loud,…

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Get ready for Ideas Connected at SMW13 by watching this exciting debate on the Open Internet at HuffPost Live. Our media partner HuffPost Live covers how safeguarding free expression and an Open Internet is still a critical issue. Watch the exchange on the current issues facing both our country and the global community, with leading…

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Does censorship and government regulation belong in social media? Thursday, we looked at the role of government regulation in social media during our #SpeechDebate on Twitter. The San Francisco transit system shut down cell service to quench protests; the UK government called a meeting with social media platforms regarding their role in the UK riots….

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What’s in a name? Last Thursday, we discussed the implications and difficulties of real name policies during our #NameDebate on Twitter, spurred by Danah Boyd’s critique of their use in social networks. With the increasing growth of social media, social networks are moving toward real name policies as a way to authenticate users and provide…

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With the proliferation of social networking sites and the abuses toward members on the sites, many administrators are enacting safety protocols to help curb negative member behavior. One of the more popular mechanisms is Real Name Policies. Sites are requiring users to provide names used in real life to authenticate their identity. Recently, this has…

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