This post was written by Winston La Marketing used to be about the product. Today, it is about participation. Brands today must be relevant to consumers and the values of both parties. At the Winning the Participation Economy masterclass with Big Fuel, Avi Savar introduced us to the modern concept of “Participation Marketing” in a…

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This is a guest post by rafi Haladjian, Founder and CEO, as part of our discussion on The Future of Now: Health Innovation series. There seems to be a consensus that the year ahead will bring an explosion of smart connected devices, especially in the digital healthcare industry. For most professionals, this is the…

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britta and ben palmer

Big data, technology, ads, and everyday people: They are all converging in our multiscreen world. Such was the concurrent idea at least week’s event hosted by the Art Directors Club, which is soon changing its name to ADC to reflect that creative ideas now come from anywhere, not just artists and creative directors at ad…

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Think back to your favorite memory. I bet you remember exactly where you were, what you were wearing, who you were with, what kind of day it was, the things you saw, heard, and smelled. Your senses play a huge part in the recall of that memory. Well, what if we took this concept of…

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As an entrepreneur, you can’t waste time. Time is an invaluable resource for you — and your company. How you use your time can dictate whether your startup or small business thrives or suffers. “The amount of high-quality thinking time – when we are able to do our best work – is surprisingly limited –…

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Kicking off November 5, 2012, in San Francisco, join GigaOM in a series of interviews with the leading creators building the technologies, platforms and visually stunning experiences for the connected consumer. Technology is changing how we do business- it’s a frequent topic here at Social Media Week. This includes design. Design in the age of…

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No doubt there is amazing content inside the conference hall during the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Even President Bill Clinton spoke last night on the power of advertising to change the world. Inspiration is firing on all cylinders outside as well, thanks to Cannes Also, a showcase of the creativity that exists beyond the…

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In the past two years, the global Social Media Week community has hosted more than 1500 individually organized events in fifteen countries around the world. During this time we have worked hard to innovate around the event experience to create more engaging and collaborative ways for people to exchange ideas and connect around shared passions…

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