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Social media engagement is more than “just” interacting with your community. We constantly hear it’s about building a real relationship. But what does this look like? Fortunately, our friends at Engagor have some insightful — and practical — tips to build a solid engagement strategy. In this special eBook, they share how to become a…

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Social Media Week

This post was written by Joe Geoghan. One of the final Masterclasses of Social Media Week pulled together a team of content creators for a panel discussion on how to build, analyze, and maintain audiences online. Presented by social activation agency The 7th Chamber, the panel included a comedian, the head of audience development at…

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Tuesday was the day that we really dived into the amazing content of Social Media Week in all 8 of our cities. The Social Traveler continued his bike journey from Hamburg to Copenhagen, along with 8 fellow adventurers, all riding to raise money for some of the projects he has encountered along his travels. New…

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This is a guest post by Susan Borst of IAB, who you can catch in action at SMW NYC. This is part of our discussion on content marketing. Learn more at SMW14. The rise in content marketing is driven by the shift in consumer behavior resulting from technological change and both the growth and the…

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We’ve talked about the major growth of 2012 for the fields of social and digital media across all industries- and this leads us to be excited about the potential of 2013. We’re not the only ones. Ian Schafer of Deep Focus has been a long-standing member of our Advisory Board- and he knows social and…

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By Zohe Mustafa Have you recently planned your social network engagement strategy? I’m not referring to a social media strategy, that’s one level higher. What I mean is, once you have your social media framework, which networks do you deploy your strategy on? There are literally thousands of networks now, on the web, on mobile,…

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