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A version of this post was originally published on This post starts with a shameless plug, but for a storytelling reason, I swear. I was featured in BloombergBusinessweek’s Fashion Page earlier this spring. In preparing for the Brooklyn photo shoot, reporter Arianne Chen asked me some questions about my thoughts on fashion. I told her that…

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What happens when you host more than 900 events in eight cities? You get one incredible week that was Social Media Week. Each year, we love seeing what our communities pull together to reveal how technology is meeting humanity in their culture. More than 25,000 of you joined us physically to experience SMW14 this February…

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Wednesday. Officially the middle of Social Media Week with more and more content, and more and more amazing connections. Milan worked to make food photography more appetizing than we thought possible, and Barcelona wrestled with the meaning of a social police force. In NYC, Upworthy’s CEO Eli Pariser announced plans to turn the audience into…

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It’s not ALL about ROI and the bottom line. In fact, this SMW we’re looking at all aspects of tech and humanity. Which means that you’ll have more opportunities than ever before to bring your passions to the discussion. From music to film to fashion, these are some of our favorite events focused on your…

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Smartphones have changed our lives so much that it can be difficult to imagine what will come next. But there are times when our smartphones fail us: when we are exercising or when we want to be unplugged, but remain reachable in case of an emergency. Wearable devices are stepping into those places where smartphones are…

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When we think of Milan, we think of fashion, football (soccer for you, Americans), and an Italian metropolis. But there’s so much to this city. Milan is the main industrial, commercial and financial centre of Italy, boasting the Borsa Italiana (Italy’s main stock exchange) and the headquarters of the largest national banks and companies. It…

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A Conversation with David Karp, Founder of Tumblr Brands Connecting_8493278206_m

This SMW13, a hot topic was Tumblr. As a growing destination for those interested in culture, art, and community, Tumblr is the perfect platform. Throughout the week, we hosted a series of discussions around the platform in New York and Milan. Tumblr Outreach Evangelists for Art, Travel and Gaming teamed up with bloggers to explore…

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Impulse buying is more common than consumers will ever admit to. How many times do you set out with a list of items to purchase only to come home with items you never intended to pick up and regret doing so later? A new online fashion community, Bib & Tuck, has been launched to address…

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London got together in a packed house on Thursday to talk fashion for almost an entire day for #SMWLdnFashion. Partnering up with Nokia, major topics included: Influence, engagement, & customer service Who’s rocking social fashion Data driven fashion and the death of trends The future of fashion Fashion is becoming highly data driven and some…

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The crowd in Los Angeles Wednesday night for #SMWFashionLA certainly showed up to the Egyptian Theatre charged and social. So much so that the award to funniest cheeky hashtag goes to #somanyiphonesandipads. Speaking to the type of consumer and user that is driving social fashion at the moment, they’re hyper tuned in, hyper connected, and…

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