Social media is an incredibly powerful tool, but when used incorrectly the consequences can be extreme. Certain celebrity endorsements, posts about other companies, or sharing others’ work can get marketers into legal trouble in ways that damage a brand’s reputation (not to mention the legal expenses). Get expert advice without the billable hours here at…

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Rewiring Government for Openness, Connection, and Choice_8488872007_m

In this era of big data and social networks, we have an opportunity to reinvent our systems; connecting citizens and leaders to create a more agile governance. Currently, however, government and large companies are holding access to information and the natural freedom that it provides as a privilege for those that can afford it, not…

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Coming off a holiday week, the digital and social community had plenty of news to share. With Facebook’s acquisition of Gowalla, new regulations in the US and EU, the discovery of Carrier IQ and Siri’s latest controversy, there’s more than enough to catch up on. See the major stories here:   People & Society Talking…

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