Gabe Zichermann

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What’s the best way to stay on top of all things Social Media Week, like our event submission announcement? Sign up for our newsletter! We’ve rolled out a new look for it, and it’s our primary vehicle for sharing major announcements, practical tips, and more. We update our global community every two weeks with the…

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Gamification? What is and how does it work? The Guardian’s Amanda Michel held an informal interview with Gabe Zichermann as part of their daily series during SMW12. See the full interview, and catch our recap below.     1. Gamification is implementing game thinking and game mechanisms to engage audiences and solve problems. The key…

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High profile interviews. A specially SMW-branded page. Providing content for our mobile app. Helping present SMW RealTime. The Guardian was behind all these things, making our partnership for February something special. Kicking off each day with one of our top keynotes being interviewed here in NYC by their premiere journalists, The Guardian not only covered…

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We all love data. ROI, analytics, social impressions. We all use those terms regularly in social media, but rarely does it grab our attention as something we want to engage with on a regular basis. Then enters Benard and Dopamine. Bernard is a company innovating in social curation & visualizations. Dopamine is a gamification agency…

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