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By now, you’ve heard about Google Glass. But unless you won the lottery, you may not have had the chance to really investigate what it does. Google is attempting to change how we interact with data and the world. The debate rages on whether Google Glass will succeed or is worth the investment, but in…

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This February, we partnered with Google+ to expand the borders of SMW13. Inviting you to participate wherever you were, we challenged you to submit the most creative and collaborative events via Google+ Hangouts. You responded with amazing ideas like, Tortilla Maker, a cooking demonstration; 37 minutes of WIN: Social Media Week in Review; and Viral:…

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Image // via attendee @schnayd Ollie Lloyd of @gbchefs started off the discussion on the social business of food driving home the basic 3 rules of social strategy. Make it look good, make it worthy of sharing, and start a conversation! With special emphasis on the “looking good” part. Spend money on great design, there…

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We like innovation. And we like collaboration. We love it when we see people positing ideas that incorporate the two into current business ideas. How can you innovate in today’s business world? What does crowdsourcing mean for you as both a worker and a business? When we saw Steve Faktory’s posts and commentary, we knew…

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Do our current business models work in light of the rise of social business? Rawn Shah asserts no. With many throwing different theories around, Shah lays out a logic for his arguments and why this works for many business models. And this intrigued us for how this will change professional education and overall collaboration. This…

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