It’s been a battle many have been watching closely. Airbnb is one of the most prominent models of an effective sharing economy business. By allowing users to rent other’s apartments, it has created an ecosystem of trust and varying tourism. There are travelers, like myself, who prefer experiencing the culture of a new city, something…

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Technology has increased the capacity of humans to move and interact in real time. But what does this mean for the peace and well being of the planet? Technology is a tool that can be used for good or for ill. We are digging deeper at Social Media Week across the globe to see the…

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Over the past few years, politics has been an important part of the SMW conversation. Featuring speakers from embassies around the globe, mayors, and advisors, like Alec Ross and Susan Crawford, we know government is shifting. But how will social media impact the political processes of the future? Join us for these events in Lagos,…

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Who in Spain has almost 700,000 Twitter followers, 70,000 Facebook friends and more than 4 million YouTube video views? If you guessed one of the country’s leading actors, artists, musicians or bands, you’ve guessed wrong. It’s actually the National Police, Policia. In fact, the agency is nipping on the heels of the FBI when it…

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There is a new poll in town taking political analysis to another level. Politicians looking to measure popularity now have TrendPo, a D.C.-based technology company headquartered in San Francisco that has bolstered social media monitoring. Founded in 2012, TrendPo created a complex algorithm that factors in online public sentiment, Facebook likes, and Twitter mentions along with traditional news to…

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With little debate, one can say following the financial crisis this country has faced over the past decade, we need to figure out new ways to open up capital and opportunity to small businesses. In early 2011, Sherwood Neiss, along with his business partners Jason Best and Zak Cassady-Dorion, created a framework for “crowdfund investing”…

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Called “the hub of everything politics and internet-related”, our friends at Personal Democracy Forum (PDF) put on the world’s largest and longest-running gathering of thinkers and doers exploring technology’s impact on the way we organize, advocate, and govern. It’s a topic we approve of. This year, their theme is “Think Bigger,” and they will be…

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Rewiring Government for Openness, Connection, and Choice_8488872007_m

In this era of big data and social networks, we have an opportunity to reinvent our systems; connecting citizens and leaders to create a more agile governance. Currently, however, government and large companies are holding access to information and the natural freedom that it provides as a privilege for those that can afford it, not…

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Get ready for Ideas Connected at SMW13 by watching this exciting debate on the Open Internet at HuffPost Live. Our media partner HuffPost Live covers how safeguarding free expression and an Open Internet is still a critical issue. Watch the exchange on the current issues facing both our country and the global community, with leading…

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After more than four decades of brutal conflict, South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on July 9, 2011—becoming the world’s newest country. It faces a long road ahead as it continues to battle poverty, illiteracy and a weak infrastructure. Investing in social media might sound like a luxury in such a context, yet information-sharing and…

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