Throughout my time in the social space, I have sat in on many speeches and workshops where strategists offered differing opinions on everything: the kinds of apps one should use, the number of hashtags to include in a post, how many social networks we should be on, and whether programmed tweets and the so-called “humble…

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Image // via attendee @NedPoulter  In the #SMWPopUp discussion led by panel comprised of Andrew (Box Park), Alice (Art of Dining), Max (Art Wednesday), Sam (Chinwag), & Dan (Young & Foolish). One theme rang true for almost two hours of discussion. Photos/Images/Pictures. Pictures of food. Food is the ingua franca (or working language, bridge language,…

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Social TV is an ongoing series by Elspeth “Ellie” Rountree that will focus on trends and topics within the industry. By simply Googling “Social Television Importance,” it’s immediately clear how important this new and uncharted industry is becoming.  Viewers are interested in not only watching TV, but learning more during the process.  It’s still a…

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  Brought to you by MWW Group #Mousavi, #Cairo, #NotGuilty – when used in the proper context, incredibly relevant and informational. When misappropriated by big brands? Not so much. UK-based home-furnishings store Habitat learned this lesson the hard way a few years back, sending out tweets that exploited the highly tumultuous Iranian presidential election while…

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Welcome to Social Media Week’s #KloutDebate on twitter (which is still raging, as of 10 a.m. EST), started by a discussion on this post by Gerard Bush.  I’ve compiled some of the best tweets from pages and pages of rants and klout-loving chirpers.  More after the break.

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