Though our friends in Lagos got Social Media Week started with an epic beach party Sunday night, Monday was the official first day of SMW around the world. Each city hosted events to help start things on the right foot and help connect attendees to one another offline.   Bangalore opened with opening remarks from…

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This is a guest post by Robert Greenberg, CEO at Second Sight. Health care and consumer technology are converging, and the resulting innovations in digital health are revolutionizing the historically conservative field of healthcare. From online doctor’s appointments to apps for organ transplants, it seems that healthcare, which represents nearly 20% of the United States’…

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We believe that innovation can change the world. So, when we see opportunities like the The Merck & Heritage Provider Network Innovation Challenge, we hope our community can get involved. This Challenge looks for entrepreneurs, data scientists, designers, healthcare providers, and big thinkers to create the products or services that will support patients with diabetes…

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Think back to your favorite memory. I bet you remember exactly where you were, what you were wearing, who you were with, what kind of day it was, the things you saw, heard, and smelled. Your senses play a huge part in the recall of that memory. Well, what if we took this concept of…

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By now, you’ve heard about Google Glass. But unless you won the lottery, you may not have had the chance to really investigate what it does. Google is attempting to change how we interact with data and the world. The debate rages on whether Google Glass will succeed or is worth the investment, but in…

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With the recent release of Google’s new Chrome device, Chromecast, we wanted to take a look at smart TV and all of the options out there. Let’s start at the beginning: what is smart TV, you may ask? Smart TV is a technology that allows you access to streaming video services, like Amazon Instant Video,…

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Once upon a time, Detroit was a symbol of the United States’ ability to invent, build and prosper. The American Dream was alive and tangible with a bustling 1.8 million population, 296,000 manufacturing jobs, and the nation’s highest per-capita income in 1950. On July 18, 2013, Detroit filed for bankruptcy, citing over 18 billion dollars in…

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We just heard a great conversation, started off by Sharon Chang from Yoxi, a media organization that discovers and elevates social entrepreneurs by leveraging their expertise for shared value business opportunities, at our CROWDFUNDx event, brought to us by American Express OPEN Forum and Nokia@Work. After hearing a bit from Sharon about her experience and…

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Great entrepreneurs solve real problems. Most would agree that education in the United States has its lot of problems. So, Matt Brimer decided to do something about that. “I love the adventure of it all, I love creating new things, pushing the world forward (even in some small way), and ultimately changing people’s lives for…

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Hailed by former President Clinton as a true innovator, Jessica O. Matthews may have been flying under your radar — but she shouldn’t be. As part of a college class assignment, Jessica was charged with developing a product that could address a need. sOccket was the result. “We believe innovation lives between a rock and…

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